Last week, Enviro-Works Inc. proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary. But, as we pointed out in our celebratory blog, we had our festivities muted (for now) because of the coronavirus pandemic. Our blog pointed out that our Founder and CEO, Cherie Laplante started this company thanks to her undying passion to have a successful environmental career. A top mandate of Enviro-Works Inc. is to provide services that promote safety and better health.

Naturally, we’re all in the midst of a time when protecting our health is more important than ever. So, as proud as we are to offer health-promoting services, we humbly acknowledge the fact that no one deserves more credit for keeping us healthy than the medical professionals who are currently risking their lives on the front lines.

Thank you to health care workers everywhere!

We can only imagine just how gruelling the shifts are. We can only venture a wild guess as to how emotionally draining it is to have to treat seemingly countless patients knowing that not every single one of them can be saved. Our hearts break a little more with the news of each COVID-19-related death. But those same hearts go out to the health care workers who are doing everything they can to better this situation.

On behalf of the entire Enviro-Works Inc. staff, we’d like to offer our sincere thanks and deepest gratitude to every single doctor, nurse, long-term facility worker and other medical professional out there. We are indebted to you for your incredible service and know that no job is more important. We’re also aware that no job is tougher. You deserve more acknowledgement and appreciation than you’re likely receiving. We sincerely can’t thank you enough.

How can you offer your show of thanks to health care workers?

Alberta Health Services has provided us all with a way to publicly declare our gratitude to health care workers. By going to, you can write your own thank you note to any member of any medical staff you choose. Show your appreciation for all medical professionals in general or thank someone specific who has helped you or a loved one during the pandemic. It’s totally up to you. This website gives you that opportunity.

When you visit this wonderful website, simply scroll down to the “Write a thank you note here” button and click it. You’ll be directed to some brief privacy considerations that you should read and accept before writing your thank you note. After that, it’s as simple as filling out your name, address, the name of the person you’d like to thank and your note of thanks.

The site enables you to keep your letter anonymous, if you wish.

It also allows you to customize your note by choosing a shape (square, circle, heart or diamond) and a background colour (purple, yellow, green, red and blue among others). As well, you can choose from four fonts and even use emojis! Once completed, your thank you note will appear on the website. We encourage you to thank a health care worker today!