Here we are, in year two of the pandemic. We’re sure you join us in our extreme disappointment in the length of this awful crisis. A year ago, we were all hopeful that the coronavirus would become a thing of the past within months. Obviously, that was not meant to be. On behalf of the entire Enviro-Works Inc. team, we’d like to reiterate our absolute best wishes to everyone enduring this tough time. Please continue to keep safe.

We would also like to send a special message to all of our wonderful clients. We miss you so much! Naturally, before COVID-19 rudely intruded on our daily lives, our team enjoyed daily interactions and customer visits. It was a joy to see the smiling faces of our clients, strike up fun conversations and provide them with incomparable in-person service.

Nothing beats the face to face interaction.

Needless to say, when speaking with people face to face, you get to see their facial reactions. You get to see their hand gestures. And while body language certainly adds value to the social connections that are made, there is the whole “personal touch” aspect of in-person interactions that we truly miss.

After all, we are human. Making connections with people is what daily life is truly all about. No one would honestly want to live in this world alone. With the various protocols put in place, during the pandemic, it often feels like we are all by ourselves. We can only imagine how difficult this entire experience has been for those who live alone. Allow us to proudly declare, we are here for you!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

At Enviro-Works Inc., we have always been proud of our customer service. While we confidently stand behind both the quality and the accuracy of our various laboratory services, it’s the “personal touch” that is the true hallmark of our lab. We care about our clients. So if a phone call is required to simply put you in a better mood, we’d be up for it! Who couldn’t use a little extra support during a time like this?

Over the past year, our team has spent the majority of its time connecting with clients via email and telephone. And while this is a practice that won’t ever cease, we can’t wait until we’re able to conduct face-to-face business again. Yes, we do have the occasional customer quickly come in to visit us. But, it goes without saying that times have certainly changed.

Thank you team!

It’s important for us to acknowledge the great work of the Enviro-Works Inc. team. Collectively, we have been unflinching in our two-pronged pursuit to both stay safe and provide our clients with the top notch services we’ve always promised them. As noted, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to operate our business in a way we never before imagined.

To our dear customers, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Give us a call at 780-457-4652, ext. 0 to let us know if you plan on visiting us in person. You may also email us at Stay safe and remain positive!