In the midst of this tough time for all of us, we’d like to offer a friendly reminder that there are still many things worth celebrating. In fact, we needed this reminder ourselves just yesterday! Considering our focus on the well-being of our neighbours in Fort McMurray, we actually overlooked the fact that May 5, 2020 was a very special day in the history of Enviro-Works Inc.

Our company has just celebrated its 20th anniversary!

We’re so very grateful to have successfully made it to this special milestone. And while we didn’t exactly mark the day with the type of celebration we once anticipated, we are elated nonetheless. It is our hope that once the coronavirus pandemic is behind us, our staff will be able to enjoy a celebration worthy of our two-decade accomplishment. For now, allow us to take you back in time!

On May 5, 2000, our CEO, Cherie Laplante founded Enviro-Works Inc. as a home-based business. Around the same time, she was starting her family. She made it her mission to raise her children while maintaining her passion for an environmental career. Cherie knew this would be quite the challenge. Nevertheless, she was determined to make sacrifices and work as hard as she could to balance her professional ambitions with her personal life.

Growing the business was no easy feat.

“It was an extremely difficult challenge to balance the work/personal life and for nearly 14 years,” Cherie recalls, “I continually worked around the clock to provide my clients with the best service possible. I am grateful for all the foundational years because it allowed me to form close trusting relationships as well as learn a great deal about operating a business. I wore many ‘hats’ to navigate all the different departments required to run a business.”

Going through every learning curve and wearing every necessary “hat” was worth it, says Cherie. She considers herself incredibly fortunate to have lived out her multi-layered dream of being a hands-on mother to two wonderful daughters while becoming a successful entrepreneur within her desired industry.

Seven years ago, Cherie began to expand Enviro-Works Inc.

The decision to grow the brand was an entirely new journey that she found very satisfying. The company’s office was relocated in 2014 and it became home to a growing staff. Cherie had successfully achieved yet another important goal. She offered a place of employment that offered everything she wished she had when she joined the workforce – flexibility, good pay, a comfortable environment, work/life balance and a team-based atmosphere fully supported by management.

“Encouraging individuals to grow personally and professionally is my goal and mission that I strive for,” insists Cherie, “I want staff to choose to work here and contribute to our successes! Hard work, passion and desire to continually adapt and learn have created a meaningful, reliable, and professional company. The values our company is built on include trust, transparency and ethical conduct.”

The best is yet to come!

“Personally, the success of a company is not defined only by how profitable it is, but rather the integrity behind what the company represents,” believes Cherie, “I feel as though the best of Enviro-Works is yet to come! Thank-you to every customer who has trusted our Company to provide services for your business! We are excited to continue to be a leader and continually grow to provide the best services!”