Per-and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS)

What are PFAS Compounds?

Per-and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) are a large group of manufactured compounds that are used in a wide range of
industrial and consumer applications. PFAS are also the principle components in Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF) firefighting
products that meet military specifications.

PFAS compounds are used to repel oil and water in textile products like clothing, carpeting and furniture as well as in food packaging
and in the manufacture of fluoropolymers used in non-stick cookware.

Some of the unique chemical characteristics that make PFAS compounds attractive for use in surface coatings also render them resistant to biodegradation in the environment. Therefore, PFAS compounds are persistent and have been shown to bioaccumulate in humans and wildlife.

PFAS compounds have been found throughout the environment in groundwater, surface water, soil and sediment. Studies have shown detections of PFAS in air, biota and food.

PFAS General Info Handout

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PFAS Sampling Instructions

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Standard PFAS Compounds & Reporting Limits

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