As we approach the 153rd birthday of our nation tomorrow, the entire Enviro-Works Inc. staff would like to wish you a very Happy Canada Day! We know, of course, that this year’s celebrations will be different than most. Given the fact we are still battling a pandemic, there aren’t likely to be many huge gatherings of people to take in fireworks this year. Then again, there may be. If you plan on attending, please be sure to stay safe! Social distancing is still a requirement.

With that said, our team feels it important to point out one of the many facets of being a Canadian company that we’re very proud about. Enviro-Works Inc. is CALA accredited. CALA is short for Canadian Association of Laboratory Accreditation Inc. The CALA is an internationally recognized not-for-profit accreditation body serving both public and private sector testing laboratories in Canada and abroad.

What is accreditation?

As the CALA website explains, “accreditation is a means of determining the technical competence of laboratories to perform specific types of testing. It provides formal recognition that laboratories are competent, impartial and independent, therefore providing a ready means for customers to identify and select reliable testing and measurement services that are able to meet their needs.”

In order to maintain this recognition, our lab is re-assessed once every two years. This ensures that we continue to conform to requirements. The reassessments also make sure that our labs’ standards of operation are being upheld. To keep our CALA accreditation, our laboratory must participate in relevant proficiency testing programs between reassessments. Doing so provides further demonstration of technical competence.

Why is it so important to use an accredited lab?

You want to ensure that the testing you request provides accurate and reliable results. You also want to ensure that you are working with professionals who are committed to precision and efficiency. We consider a CALA accreditation to a badge of honour. It’s an indication that we can be trusted as an industry leader.

CALA notes that they deliver laboratory accreditation in the fields of Environmental, Cannabis, Mineral, Food, Petroleum and Sampling. Please feel free to take a look at Enviro-Works Inc.’s CALA accreditation. In short, the scope of our accreditation covers our testing for fungi, silica, asbestos, lead, lead paint and waste. Enviro-Works Inc. also has ISO 17025 accreditation.

What is ISO 17025 accreditation?

“ISO 17025 is a quality management system and the main standard for testing and calibration laboratories,” reports Campbell Scientific, Inc., “ISO 17025 shares many commonalities with ISO 9000 but ISO 17025 evaluates the technical competence in lab testing and calibration services and it applies to organizations that produce testing and calibration results.”

In order to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation, a laboratory’s quality management system and technical competence must be evaluated by a third-party on a regular basis. This accreditation can only be granted by an authorized accreditation body.

A lab that receives ISO 17025 accreditation has successfully met the Management Requirements and Technical Requirements of ISO17025. In other words, the lab is considered to be technically competent to produce calibration and testing results.

To learn more about the value of working with a lab that has CALA accreditation, please don’t hesitate to call Enviro-Works Inc. at 780-457-4652. You may also email us at