Last month, the Enviro-Works Inc. team proudly announced that it had officially received AIHA-LAP Accreditation for Silica analysis. As a reminder, AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC is a third-party, internationally-recognized accreditation body. Their accreditation programs include industrial hygiene, food, environmental lead, environmental microbiology and unique scopes.

Receiving our AIHA-LAP accreditation was a major step for our company for a number of reasons. Firstly, when combined with our previously-received CALA accreditation, it gave our laboratory official accreditation on both sides of the border. Secondly, it gave both our current and future clients a whole new reason to choose Enviro-Works Inc. as their lab.

Why choose Enviro-Works Inc.?

We consider it highly beneficial to work with an independent third party laboratory, such as ours, for any type of testing. To clarify, our laboratory services include those for respirable silica, lead, bulk asbestos, radon and volatile organic compounds, just to name a few. It should go without saying that these are all issues to be taken very seriously. Our team is committed to supporting and not conflicting with consultants performing surveys for any of these concerns.

Ever since the inception of Enviro-Works Inc., we have been mainstays in the lab industry. It has always been our area of expertise and focus. As a result, we strictly dedicate all of our resources to our clients in order to provide the absolute best and most accurate testing possible. One of the greatest aspects of a true third party analysis is that the testing and its results are always objective and unbiased.

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

In addition to our lab testing expertise, the Enviro-Works Inc. team is committed to offering incomparable customer service. It’s not lost on us that, just like any other company in any other industry, it’s vital to focus on customer satisfaction. Consumers are aware that they have options. In order to make our lab a top choice, we know that each and every interaction with our clients must be memorable. We’re dedicated to giving our clients reasons to come back.

To reiterate, we completely recognize that a true sense of value is found in the positive ways we make our clients feel. But, on top of our focus on excellent customer service is our promise to offer negotiable and fair pricing. Not to mention, what customers find just as valuable is quick turnaround times. Yes, “time is money”. But, as they also say, is time of the essence. Our team always ensures that its jobs are done on time. In many cases, it takes under three hours!

Our commitment to being a service lab is undying.

At Enviro-Works Inc., we are deeply dedicated to remaining a service laboratory exclusively. Our testing is done in house which helps for it to remain cost-effective for our clients. We confidently guarantee accurate results as our team is made up of certified technologists. In addition, we are always accommodating of the various analysis needs of our clients. In short, we aim to please and always hit our mark!

For more information about out laboratory services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 780-457-4652 or email us at