There is no bad time year to show generosity to your neighbour. However, with every holiday season comes an important reminder that not all of us are fortunate enough to take the necessities of life for granted. As an affiliate member of Food Banks Canada, Edmonton’s Food Bank is committed to the mantra: “Relieving hunger today. Preventing hunger tomorrow.” This holiday season, the Enviro-Works Inc. team is so very proud to partner with Edmonton’s Food Bank to see this mission statement through.

As their website makes clear, by giving to Edmonton’s Food Bank, you are not only feeding people, you are giving hope and creating a kinder community. They help more than 20,000 people every month of the year. 40 percent of them are children.

You can make a difference by donating food items today!

In one year, Edmonton’s Food Bank distributes upwards of 4 million kilograms of food to the more than 66,000 clients who depend on it. In just one month, the food bank can be trusted to deliver a half million meals and snacks. And, this month, Enviro-Works Inc. is rejoining them to help their clients enjoy the holiday season.

Each and every year, at this time, our team selects a charitable organization to support. This year, we are taking things a step further by not only supporting Edmonton’s Food Bank, but creating a fun event in our workplace. Check out the newly-designed wall in our office space in the photo below! We are adding one heart or one star per item to the wall for each and every item that comes in. So we’re expecting our wall to be fully decorated very soon!

We would greatly appreciate your support!

The Enviro-Works Inc. team chose to support Edmonton’s Food Bank because we’ve learned of their significantly-increased demand for food due to COVID-19. We’ve also decided to kick off our annual holiday season initiative early so that we can meet our goal. Of course, we would love your help!

Our goal is to raise a minimum of 2020 food items by December 20th. Our team will then match the item donation with a $2020.00 cash donation! We couldn’t think of a better way to put a positive spin on a year that would otherwise be remembered for the many hardships it presented us.

Visit us in person with your donation!

We have a designated food box in our reception area for any clients who wish to pitch in. Please visit us at 18949 111 Avenue NW in Edmonton with as many non-perishable food items as you can!

“We envision a community where hunger does not exist, where all citizens have access to an adequate and nutritious supply of food,” says Edmonton’s Food Bank, “(Our mission is) to be stewards in the collection of surplus and donated food for the effective distribution, free of charge, to people in need in our community while seeking solutions to the causes of hunger.”

For more information about our new holiday season initiative and how you can contribute to our goal, please don’t hesitate to call Enviro-Works Inc. at 780-457-4652. You may also email us at